La Novela Corta

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Series History

Series Director: José de Urquía

Series start date: January 15, 1916, Año I, no. 1 Sor Simona by Benito Pérez de Galdos

Series end date: June 13, 1925, Año X, no. 499 Anima en pena by G. Gómez de la Mata

Total issues: 499, 2nd largest series run for novel magazines/pamphlet novels (Los Contemporáneos was the largest)

Special series:

Initial price: 5 céntimos

Last price: 20 céntimos (highest price overall)

Other prices: 10 céntimos

Periodicity: Weekly (Saturdays)

Distribution: Mainly Spain, but internationally distributed

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La última fada

Characteristics of the series

La Novela Corta was a series for literary works excluding drama because of the existence of La Novela Teatral. It was the first and longest running series among those published by Prensa Popular.

It’s goal was to present literature by well-known authors such as Benito Pérez de Galdos, Carmen de Burgos, and Ramón del Valle-Inclán and by acclaimed recent authors to a public that couldn’t afford full size books. Most of the texts published in these pamphlet novels were deemed “inéditas,” meaning “unpublished,” so despite the cheapness of the format, readers were often getting new material. Interestingly, the series claimed that if any material called unpublished in the series had actually been published previously, it was not their fault, but instead the fault of the author who had misled them 1. Over the course of the series, 70 authors wrote 418 of these unpublished novels giving an average of 6 novels per author. 11 of the authors only wrote 1 novel for the series, but other authors like Carmen de Burgos and Diego San José wrote significantly more than the average, with 25 and 26 novels, respectively 2.

In addition to these (generally) previously unpublished novels, La Novela Corta published issues containing classics, adaptations of works, and literary criticism. For example, no. 210 of La Novela Corta is titled Estudio crítico de Galdós.

Other issues of La Novela Corta

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